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In service since 2004

Kundalini yoga



Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP)

Transformational Life Coaching

Sustaining Integration of peak experiences

Kundalini awakening mentorship

Earth based medicinal practices

Rituals and rites of passage

Ceremonial healing in open nature

Multidimensional connections

Medicine circles

Guidance in transitional states

Planetary rebirth from inside out

Visionary quantum practices

Macro and micro vision

Spiritual aspects of practical living

Shifting from challenges into opportunities

Co-creation of new forms of being

Be your own channel – direct transmission

New dimensions of personal freedom

Contagious happiness and celebration of aliveness

Embracing death as a portal of birth

Adventure, pilgrimage, retreats

Bringing Eagle and Condor together

Inner compass and Kundalini balance

Oracle, prophecy, telepathy, dreams

New language of human expression

Offered freely through
audio, video, and more
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Keeping the flow
Keeping afloat
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audio, video a iné formy
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