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That is what we were training for together since Anahata Yoga&Healing is in its existence (2004).

DRAGON: call it SHE, HE or IT… It feels and looks like in this short video – hear it, see it and taste it here:

That means SELF-SENSORY BEING of Aquarian Age. You are either IT or who/what is? You CAN awake and live fully and freely NOW!

This is the MEDICINE and the key principle being offered: I/YOU can COMMIT with NO DOUBT, so that CREATION ITSELF-DRAGON ITSELF CAN make it or nothing happens for our MAMA EARTH. 

It is not about “maybe”… or “we will see”…  (awaiting more stability…until government, my MD, my spouse, someone, something out there will figure it out or resolve…when pandemic is over…the mandate changes…, when I get healthy, when I get more money, proper job, vacation, more energy, it is endless…) IT IS HAPPENING IN THIS VERY MOMENT THROUGH ME and YOU. I/YOU energize IT, magnetize IT, materialize IT, I AM IT, I AM/I AM. We are the future of this planet in my current thought, emotion and physical state of being. 

That is my call to you, my Kundalini tribe, my Island community. Why do I care so much?

Because each of us is a critical contributor at the tipping point of the evolution on Planet Earth. Each of my feelings, thoughts and physical acts or non-acts ads to the planetary smog or live giving sustainable force. Power Circles of Light are boosters of emanation of loving waves and catalysts for deep cleanse in  human communities. Societies where rituals, ceremonies, celebrations, gatherings and meaningful joyous connections are missing,  create sprouting grounds  for unhealthy bodies, fearful reactive minds, emotional unstable extremities and spiritual disconnect. Then I become a virus and war happens at my home. Here is again my video call on Youtube:

DRAGON is raising her head within me, within you, within us… She may energize, empower and enable you and that IS your free choice and free will. You may remain in “Sleeping Beauty”  mode of complacency and wait for a prince to come with his magic life giving kiss. Or you may come fully alive with this Spring force and catch the WAVE, which is HERE ALREADY. Just collect your courage and JUMP, LEAP, DO IT! Otherwise, who else will? That is the testing ground of Dragon retreat 8/8/2022. That is why Juan/Xuan and other Medicine women/man come out from hiding and spread good news…just like an essential message of Easter. That is why I call you out for Earth Day even if it may rain or be too windy at open beach. 

This is my personal contribution sprouting through my life’s purpose:

  1. Give it a try at this EARTH DAY and show up at the Ocean front on Friday at 2pm for a direct experience….or ZOOM-in on Friday night at 8pm for Kundalini meditation…or tune-in any time after through my Youtube video. Click HERE for more info.
  2. Dragon retreat 8/8/2022 – registration open until April 30,2022. Apply NOW.
  3. Dragon retreat with Bolivian shaman Xuan in September 2022 at the Center of the Universe.

Your financial contribution may be covered through your extended medical benefits, given my active Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) practice.

You cannot get it until you get it through DIRECT EXPERIENCE. In that moment all doubts, fears and insecurities cease like clouds under the sun. Even death cannot take it away. Your inner compass is set, Kundalini balance, sustenance and grace carries you through in the flow, with ease and joy. An adventure in continuum even if in seeming boredom of daily duties.

In gratitude and creative excitement.

for the benefit of All My Relations

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