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A Beauty of Interconnection

In my last audio sharing, I expressed how I felt different most of my life and how much I was longing to belong. That shows through last several years of an active service, when I attempt to find new ways how to hold Circles not from a position of leader, teacher, therapist, coach, etc, but from an equal role/part/share. 

In the last women’s retreat, of 8/8/2022, floating candles responded to me clearly:

Despite of natural gravity of the land supporting this bowl, and therefore a water level, my candle was apart from the very beginning until the very end. It amused all of us, 8 women in this power circle of 8.

From the feedback to this gathering I also learned, that even if many women in attendance live for a long time in the same area as myself, they never engage in activities resembling my daily rituals. Those come so naturally to me, that often I assume it is as natural to others as to myself. This awareness gives me a reference to the divination through floating candles.

In addition, I was hiding for years what I was doing for the benefit of All. Seemingly, doing nothing…just like meditative monks who were perceived as “useless eaters”. When Vancouver Island became more populated, I could not find so easily a remote place, where I could be “unheard and unseen”. So, I surrendered… and gradually kept softening my protective shield. To my surprise, a positive feedback from random people started to emerge. For example, an offering to all directions before I enter ocean waters for my regular swim… with comments like, “we do not know what you were doing, but it was so cool..thank you for that”.

Such a story I wish to share today. It is from the last Full Moon meditation for women at Lantzville beach on Aug 11, 2022. 

When we walked through the beach, looking for the best place to settle, there was a father with two young sons playing and enjoying natural gifts of this dear Planet Earth. I commented, that they have “men’s circle” and we are going to have “women’s circle honouring Full Moon”. He was surprised to learn, that it was Full Moon and responded: “Then it is a good time to pull out a telescope tonight”. Thus came the first shared inspiration… instead of television a Higher Vision 🙂

During our meditation, I noticed through a corner of my eye another man on a paddle board passing by. He returned exactly when we were leaving our beach spot. He pulled in and said something like this: “You don’t even know how much I appreciate you, guys…. I live  in this house behind you…and a few years ago I had a renter in my second house on that property. She went through medical emergency, which brought her to hospital. She called me from there with a message, that she is coming home. I expected her return and instead I received a call that she died. I was devastated. In that evening, I saw you at the beach, all in white, doing what you were doing…and was convinced that she sent you there…You do not even know how much it meant to me…and I understood that her message meant her return back HOME…since then I started to engage with yoga…I try to meditate…and I always rejoice when I see you at the beach.”

Such a sweet moment, with orange bright shine of setting sun behind his back, blindfolding us, staring women deeply touched by his sharing. Then, by the way, he introduced himself and shared the name of his renter. In that moment it hit me… I know her! She was one of my yoga women…and…I told to a woman on my right side: “She was the one who went to that retreat with us, remember? The one, who received a kidney transplant and you have marvelled at such coincidence, because you just donated a kidney yourself…” Yeah! And…in addition…another woman from our affinited women sangat spent last few months in a company of this soul, who departed so unexpectedly in fairly young age, looking after her.

With that Full Moon, at the time of our Tune in mantras, I could hear a high pitch sound in my right ear. I have shared… I am receiving a download… not knowing what…which is fine…and I am grateful for whatever it is. Later on, when we did mantra meditation, a crow came to sit on a tree top behind us, and joined with a repetitive sound. A crow was a totem bird of that woman, who dwelled in that territory before departing HOME… from where I receive downloads. How beautiful interconnections! Just like in the mantra we chanted: Sat Nam Wahe Guru…meaning… I vibrate a Truth at the Image of God.

With Blue Spirits of All Water below and Blue Spirits of All that IS above,

Modrana (Blue) Co-Creation to the Benefit of All My Relations



  1. Your words draw pictures, connect the dots and hold a sacred resonance as bright, bold and beautiful as the photos you included here.
    A great example of how our authentic practice or offering of service affects those around us – even those we may not be aware of. We can inspire others as we connect more deeply and openly to our Spiritual selves.

  2. I really enjoyed reading that story. It is such a good reminder to continue to do what you do, to be real, positive & as loving as you can be… and to walk this earth gently too.

    What an amazing and beautiful coincidence!

    Thanks Jana.

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