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My Family

I am so blessed by having closest members of my family on the path of Co-Creation. I am proud to introduce my two nieces, Lucia and Naďa, with their families through their ALNONA project:

Find their website with more information:


I was honoured to lead a ceremony at the Dragon Mountain, where ALNONA’s first stones were established. The founders of this emerging community pronounced and introduced their vision to the Land, to the community, to other members of our family and to the Universe, attentively listening and celebrating this occasion.

Grounding rock

The elder of our family, my dear mama Anna, offered her blessing at this landmark by two golden heart-flags spreading Love and Light in warm winds of Greek’s Lefkada Island.

May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You/Us for the benefit of Creation, Mother Earth and All Our Relations….and SO IT IS!

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