Dragon Retreat: Kundalini Activation

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Date(s) - 15 September 2022 - 23 September 2022
All Day

Vidette Lake Nature Retreat


Dragon Retreat: Kundalini Activation Canada 2022


https://www.videttelake.com/vidette-lake-retreat/ reserved entirely for this gathering 

Swimming, canoeing or just soaking it in


September 15. – 23. 2022 (15th is arrival/settling and 23rd is wrap-up and departure. 7-days in between is gathering time)


With whom: 

Ray and Diana – stewards of the sacred land

Stewards of the Sacred Land

Jana/Modrana and Larry/WillowWalker – retreat time/space holders

Vidette’s Sacred grounds 2021

Juan/Xuan – Dragon’s expression transmitter 

Bolivia 2019

Juna by Danube river/circle in Slovakia on June 2022:



For whom: 

Women and Men who hear Dragon’s call in their heart/soul  

Capacity 20 participants

First come first serve


Communing with the sacred land/water and all elemental connectors with Divine Presence in this time/space capsule peaking with Autumn Equinox in this digital detox area of Deadman Valley fully alive with magic co-creation with the Ancient Ones. In this energy vortex  we shall UNITE to transmit golden light-waves for the benefit of Creation and All My Relations. With very plain cleansing diet, in simplicity of living with Nature, we can flow, dream awake, recall, remember, transform, transmit, heal, inspire, activate, elevate and return attuned to core purpose of being here and now on Planet Earth.


Because TIME IS NOW and the MEDICINE of each of us matters


$1,111 CAD

$111 CAD upon reservation to Ray/Diana account via E-transfer at



A Message which emerged through Jana/Modrana:

Dragon is raising her head from within out. We are awakening from hypnotic trance of Piscean Age. We can feel this potent energy in our bones, pulsing in our blood, pumping through our hearts, and opening the long awaiting path of the HEART. We see the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. We hear the call from above in the darkness of shimmering Universe, from where many eyes of Star People blink on us. We hear the Call of Pachamama, and feel that archetype of Mother, whether I am a man or a woman. A prompting to stand up and proclaim my strong YES for her and US, or strong NO for all that no longer can be tolerated and silently approved. I vibrate the Cosmos, so that the Cosmos can and shall clear the path. 

We are those we were longing and waiting for. We are Tribe of Shiners that start to recognize each other’s true identity. We are no longer alone, marginalized, ashamed and forgotten. We begin to remember, rejoice, co-create and celebrate. We begin to return back to Nature to LISTEN attentively and be silent actively, so we can decipher those subtle voices whispering all around us. Elementals, Fairies, Devas and all “invisible” multidimensional beings are smiling back at us. 

In this silence we hear the loud roar of Dragon no longer expressing through aggressive and harming ways. Similar roars are well known from war times, whether among countries or quarrels in relationships. But now, it is a roar of PURE LOVE, roar of ecstasy! In our beaten and aching bodies, trying to make it through birth canal of many dramatic life-times, with this roar we awaken into our Avatar bodies breaking egg-like-shells of our braces, shackles, shields, armours, harnesses and rigid protective boundaries.Through this roar we vibrate the Cosmos and give permission to our new guides to come through us and to our Ancestors to liberate their fear and shame with us, so we become TRULY FREE. 

We are coming out from hiding and no longer afraid to be heard and seen for what we  are. We are Light-Weavers in innate knowing that the Light is the Ultimate Power. LOVE is the only force which is non harming and all embracing. In Love we can experience all differences. Love carries and sustains us through everything. LOVE and LIGTH WE ARE and with this self-identity we move mountains and we empower all others to do the same. 

Dragon I am, Dragon we are, Dragon it is! Kundalini A-LIVE. Sat Nam.

I call us, brothers and sisters, to gather with our ROAR we make a difference that matters so much at this tipping point in evolution of our dear blue and green planet EARTH. Our gathering is free flowing as Dragon’s flying. This Medicine Circle is free from any substances and mediators other than “Dragon Energy”, where we are all equals in Circle of Light. My energy and your energy and everyone’s energy shall  be a fuel for direct transmission and co-creation of new forms of  Ascension, Expansion and Divine emanation. Welcome and embrace a radical personal reset in this digital free environment. When you enter this creative womb, there is PRESENCE THAT DOES IT. 


For ultimate success of this gathering, each participant enters in resonance with following shared agreements.


1. COMMITMENT: Strong and clear YES for my full participation;

2. CONFIDENTIALITY: What comes into the Circle remains in the Circle. I vow to keep all personal sharing within this Circle private and confidential;

3. PROTOCOL: I agree to abstain from all the substances and other consciousness altering medicines at least 4-days before, during and 4-days after this retreat, unless they’re essential for my own health and well- being;

4. CONTEXT: I support this Circle of Trust as a container for shared vision, where mutually empowering behaviours and practice of radical generosity and empathy is generated and welcome;

5. CULTURE: I CELEBRATE GREATNESS within our differences – collaborating, co-creating, and recognizing how can we fill in for each other as POWER PARTNERS;

6. FOCUS: I choose DIRECT EXPERIENCE within the Circle to conceive NEW FORMS; the CONTENT is formed step-by-step by co-creation, where we keep it direct, in flow, clear, and simple around the Center of the Circle;

7. PRESENCE: I prefer to SHOW UP in this TIME and SPACE container at tribal gatherings, while honouring  my silent, personal and direct conceiving and incubating moments. I also reach for help, support and connection;

8. ETHICS of COMMUNICATION: Zero negativity and mutual counselling; I express my felt-sense/direct experience (what arises within me, what do I feel in my own body when “you express or share this or that”); practising non-violent communication, self-integrity, mirroring, reaching me within me, thus giving the others permission and space to do the same; swear-words like commonly used “F-mantra”, and sexual interactions are not welcome;

9. HEALTHY BOUNDARIES: Practicing TRUST in my authentic Self and autonomy, I remain CONTAINED and VISIBLE, so that SPIRIT can access, address, and use ME as pure, clean and sharp tool for the WHEEL of co-creation within this constellation of instruments for the works of LIGHT; growing from (in)dependent into INTERDEPENDENT;

10. FULL CIRCLE: I have CONFIDENCE in the process, even if challenges and obstacles emerge; I hold my initial commitment from the very beginning until the very end and understand that with such strong intention, the whole universe shall organize around my success;

11. INCLUSION: I am disrupting the pattern of self-isolation and “judging eyes”, by holding my space within the circle “with my loving eyes”, nurturing this community with my INNER QUALITIES, and letting others to AMPLIFY my own GREATNESS (altogether we transmute deep old imprint of shame, lack, scarcity and outer securities);

12. CONNECTION: when triggered or pushed to the edge, I welcome this opportunity to break through “my inner glass ceiling”, disrupting the pattern of keeping small, isolated, and invisible;

13. COURAGE: I dare to include my shadows and hidden parts of my psyche; surrender, allow, cooperate, and trust that LIGHT generating and SPIRIT ENERGIZING essences within the wholeness of the Circle will do the wonders;

14. PATIENCE: I let the DESTINY to MANIFEST US; step by step growing skills to raise the thermostat in this incubation process and moving to even larger FLOW in the Quantum field;

15. GENEROSITY: I give my permission to share practices and new forms conceived within this Circle openly and freely in outer circles, sharing benefits of co-created “medicinal blends” with All My Relations.

16. BE MY OWN MEDICINE: I commit to sustain my daily purification practices of my own choice with due diligence to energize and magnetize the BIGGER CALL.

All that is of me, you, us is welcome, and through our shared agreements pronounced into magnitude of MAGNIFICENT GRACE.

Please consider your ENTRY POINT ASAP, so that the whole Universe can respond with abundant support and turn “impossible into possible” under your particular life circumstances. Reach to jana@modranacocreation.com for any support or additional questions you may have,  please and thank you.

With your deposit in mastery numbers of 111 CAD to Ray&Diana, they will reserve you a bed in the most appropriate cabin, or consider your RV or tent should you prefer, hold these resources at their account under your name, and consider your further personal needs. With this initial E-trans to videttenatureretreat@gmail.com under your full name, contact number and a note “Dragon Retreat” (it is an automatic deposit), send also Jana/Modrana your registration email to jana@modranacocreation.com.

This online portal with details, photos, updates and all infos is going to emerge and evolve further at this website.  We can communicate in an open forum to share ideas, arrange rides, carpools, and learn more of what to bring and what to expect in a practical sense.

LET’S DO IT! Shall we?

Jana/Modrana and Larry/WillowWalker in Lantzville, BC, Canada

View Jana’s profile and portfolio at her sister sites as linked through the Welcome page of this website.

Juan/Xuan  currently at European/North American Dragon Retreats Tour

View Juan Gwar’s profile at https://retreat.guru/teachers/844-256/juan-macome

Ray and Diana at Vidette’s Lake Natural Retreat near Kamloops BC


In humble and devoted service to humanity,

Xuan and Modrana 2019 Bolivia



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