Dragons in Training garden circles

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Date(s) - 29 August 2022
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


This year we started anew the Power of 8 Women Circles on 8/8/2022 and now we continue with Dragons in Training garden circles in Lantzville. Whether it will be 8 of us or not, the multiplication of our big YES to the Dragon Energy Herself happens. “Dragon Energy” in this context means fierce Divine Feminine, who is standing up for Mother Earth and All Her Being in soft, gentle, loving and compassionate manner, yet, firm, effective, direct and self-confident. Arising with Kundalini Adi Shakti in our Yin form to balance Yang energies prevailing on our planet in later development of human society.


I was introduced to Lynne’s research and practice of POWER CIRCLES during SPIRITUALITY and SCIENCE CONFERENCE held in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in June 2018. Some of you may have experienced this very same event yourself.

It confirmed and complemented, what I have already learned and practiced during my Masters in Transpersonal Psychology in California in 2008.

And…it is not different from what we can practice and experience in Kundalini Yoga,  meditation, Shamanism, Dreamwork, Pranic Healing, Quantum practices, other energetic and healing modalities…differences all inclusive in UNITY of forms and approaches.

Thank you for your big YES to these happenings!

We will sit together in gazebo screen tent in comfortable chairs, around co-created central sacred space, with a smudge, tea and in meditative sharing mode addressing current themes of our lives. As women always and naturally did  in perennial wisdom traditions, when we remember how to return to simplicity, apply those resources and tools in our daily doings and ways of being, life becomes more of enjoyable adventure.

Where: 8015 Northwind Dr., Upper Lantzville, BC

Directions: coming from Nanaimo turn left on Superior Rd., the first road on your right is Northwind Dr. just pass mailboxes; when on our road you approach a yellow road sign (children at play), on your left side is our driveway.

When: Mondays  from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. COME as EARLY as 5:45 pm to settle in our back yard, so we can begin on time. Time runs fast 🙂 Our glowing heart on the house will mark the entrance, where you can use the washroom. It will be open even when we are in the back yard, and available upon your arrival, should you need to change or use washroom before we start. During our gathering go around the house and enter through there to use the washroom. Thank you.

Contribution: 55 dollar-energy for a single event or $250 for 5 events prepaid, will secure your spot. You can also pay in cash should you choose to come at the last moment. Please send your payment via e-transfer to jana@modranacocreation.com I will provide a receipt for your payment upon your arrival, which you may use for health benefits claim under my RCC number 9206. Many health providers do not cover RCC’s, however, you should be able to use these expenses as tax deductables.

Cancellations: Please, give me early enough text message notice (not email) at 250-716-6753, should anything prevents your participation, so we do not wait for you. If you give me at least 24 hour notice, I will reimburse you or transfer your booking to another event, as the space is limited. With respect to other participants, please, do not come with any symptoms of cold, flu, or with cough. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We will sit in breezy screen gazebo tent, however, it is still in a close distance from each other.

Instructions: Dress in layers in comfortable loose clothing, not necessarily whites. A preference is to sit with bare feet so you can connect with Mother Earth directly. or use natural material feet coverings to keep warm without loosing this precious connection.. Rain or shine, this is an outdoor event, in shetlered environment, where it can still get breezy and cool.  Consider ever changing weather conditions and come prepared! Outdoor friendly blanket, and shawl always come handy. No yoga mats needed. Bring your own water bottle and you can refill it with our excellent well water. Fresh herbal tea is provided.  Inform me about any health issues, which ask for moderation of Kundalini practices before. No alcohol or drugs 2 days before and after, please and thank you.

Dependent on practices, which I will “download from the Energy Field” before the event, journals, drawing pads, or music instruments are welcome. Consider digital detox and do not plan anything else after the Circle, so you can remain in your personal integration and intimacy with your own feelings until you enter the Dreamworld at the night.

A Protocol for Kundalini Yoga (mainly no alcohol, substances, full stomach, illness) and confidentiality about personal sharing are essential conditions for your participation.  You may take a photo of our practices at the end on your phone as a resource for your personal use, just keep your phone off during the session. Please inform me about your sensitivity to a smudge, incense, or essential oils.

Youtube sharing video talk from last year: https://youtu.be/raREnrQRTvE

For more questions, feel free to call, or email me at jana@modranacocreation.com. No emails at the day of actual events.

I am looking forward to hold this circle together with you! 

In gratitude and joy,

for the benefit of All My Relations