Michaela Flow 2021

Youtube bilingual Kundalini meditation release

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Date(s) - 23 December 2022
All Day


Kundalini Meditations as taught by Yogi Bhajan under New or Full Moon energies (or some special occasions like Equinoxes and Solstices) suitable for practicing anytime you wish. They hold a certain theme energized by celestial constellations and encourage us to reflect upon them through that particular combination of practices.

All the techniques in these videos are aimed towards enlightening the Collective Consciousness, where I start from myself and go from inside out to the widest of circles. They usually contain pranayamas, kundalini meditations or kriyas. It would be ideal if you can deeply relax for at least 15 minutes after the practice. If you cannot do it, make sure you ground well, drink plenty of water and avoid any consciousness altering substances for at least one day after.

Prepare an undisturbed meditation space for about 1 hour and water to drink within your reach. You may do some warm-up exercises before and get well hydrated, so you are conductive for an energy flow. Prepare to sit crosslegged on the ground or in the chair, given that you keep your spine straight and both feet grounded to the floor.  The Protocol for practicing Kundalini yoga is a basic prerequisite for the positive outcome and effectiveness of this meditative ritual.

I welcome your donation to balance energies for receiving this video. Your donation shall be gratefully received trough e-transfer to jana@modranacocreation.com or Paypal. I can issue a receipt for your payment under my therapeutic license number for a potential extended medical coverage, or tax deductibles. Thank you very much.

In any case, receiving the gift of this video and enjoying its essence in your own way for your energetic revival is my highest reward and the mission of my life.

May all beings be healthy and happy!

Om Mani Padme Hum.

Sat Nam, Wahe Guru, All My Relations, Namaste.

Jana Ziman/Modrana Co-Creation/G-Bhai-K